Village 36

Village 36 showcases the Southeast’s most innovative startup companies. The companies selected to be in Village 36 each year receive high-value networking opportunities, investor connections, media exposure and the opportunity to pitch for prizes, including $50,000 to the winner.

2016 Village 36 Companies

Acivilate – Atlanta, GA – Acivilate provides confidential collaboration and data collection SaaS platform for criminal justice

Angel Eye Camera Systems – Little Rock, AR – Angel Eye Camera Systems is a secure communication platform for patients, families and clinicians in the NICU and other intensive care environments

Audiohand – Knoxville, TN – Audiohand help musicians create and capture more shareable music, turning every musician’s smartphone into the world’s most versatile multi-track recording tool

Avrio Analytics – Knoxville, TN – Delivering the promise of Big Data and leveling the playing field for every business through democratized predictive analytics

BLOX LLC – Birmingham, AL BLOX exists to make better buildings faster by using a framework that guides building design so that construction can leverage manufacturing productivity

Branch Technology – Chattanooga, TN – Branch Technology is 3D printing buildings through their novel method for pre-fabricating full-scale architectural components

BrewFund – Johnson City, TN – The BrewFund platform is built to support the 4,000+ craft breweries by allowing anyone to digitally give the gift of craft beer to a friend

Capture Higher Ed – Louisville, KY – Capture Higher Ed is the world’s best at using data and technology to attract, engage, and recruit mission-fit students

Collabra – Louisville, KY – Collabra is making the easiest way for instructors and students to capture their educational journey and collaborate on and offline

Cooleaf – Atlanta, GA – Cooleaf offers data driven employee engagement solutions for top workplaces

Everly – Nashville, TN – Everly creates natural drink mixes to help people drink more water and with every box purchased, they provide life-saving rehydration salts to treat children with waterborne diseases

FIX: Fitness Interactive Experience – Atlanta, GA – FIX is changing the landscape of wellness engagement with story driven interactive challenges that play like video games

Graph Story – Memphis, TN – Graph Story provides a managed data solution that allows businesses to find new & deeper patterns in their data and create actionable intelligence

Healthcare Blocks – Nashville, TN – Healthcare Blocks provides a HIPAA-compliant Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for hosting healthcare applications

Initial State – Nashville, TN- Initial State is an Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics and visualization company

Interloop – Charlotte, NC – Interloop is the world’s first intelligent sales execution platform, powered by IBM Watson

Kevy – Atlanta, GA – Kevy helps online retailers grow their revenue through personalizing the online shopping experience

mSIGNIA – Franklin, TN – mSIGNIA provides safe, customer-friendly authentication by applying privacy-compliant, ongoing behavioral data analysis to recognize a user across any device, reducing fraud and the dependence on unreliable passwords

Nutriati, Inc. – Richmond, VA – Nutriati is an agri-food technology company seeking to dramatically improve the quality of the food supply with healthier, better-tasting options for consumer products

Preteckt – Memphis, TN – Preteckt is Big Data for Big Rigs by using data from 18-wheelers to predict maintenance issues

Rapid RMS – Chattanooga, TN – Rapid offers C-stores an easy, reliable cloud-based IT solution that integrates its iPad point-of-sale with fuel pump control

Remix Hits – Nashville, TN – Remix Hits automates the process of music licensing for the purpose of sampling and remixing

Reveal Mobile – Raleigh, NC – Reveal Mobile provides a location-based audience and advertising attribution platform for mobile app publishers

RightPatient – Atlanta, GA – RightPatient provides a cloud-based SaaS platform to accurately recognize patients from any encounter end point by simply taking their picture

RocketBolt – Durham, NC – RocketBolt is an automated sales assistant that helps account-based sales teams better manage their complex sales cycles

Sequr – Atlanta, GA – Sequr provides the first ever cloud-based visitor management system for callboxes

Shevirah – Herndon, VA – Shevirah is a provider of testing tools for assessing and managing the risk of mobile devices

Shipedge – Durham, NC – Shipedge is a cloud-based Supply Chain Solution that helps 3PL Distribution Centers and eCommerce companies run efficient order fulfillment operations

SmartCommerce (Atlanta, GA): SmartCommerce empowers leading CPG brand marketing teams to own and drive their customer experience, from discovery through purchase

Split – Atlanta, GA – Split is a behavior-focused customer relationship management solution with a payment application aimed at revolutionizing the restaurant industry

SynapseMX – Newnan, GA – SynapseMX is a modern, cloud-based platform for aircraft maintenance, focused on improving productivity and minimizing aircraft downtime

Tesser Health – Miami, FL – Tesser Health blends engagement, price transparency, and big data to lower pharmacy spend for self-insured employers

The Ark Labs – Florence, AL- The Ark, powered by Ark Labs, is a smart monitoring device packed with a remote shutoff valve that is powered by artificial intelligence software

Torch – Chattanooga, TN – Torch offers a smart, wifi router with user-friendly parental features so parents can manage kids’ technology simply and effortlessly

Umano – Athens, GA – umano is a clothing company that designs meaningful products with a story.

Vendor Registry – Knoxville, TN – Vendor Registry’s SaaS procurement platform is streamlining the $250 billion local government market